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Airlend brings real change to real-estate finance

At Airlend, we're revolutionizing the private finance landscape for brokers, borrowers, and investors. Our platform stands out for its transparency, ethical practices, and market recognition, especially among brokers who gain access to both first and second registered mortgage loans. For investors, Airlend offers tailored opportunities that align with their risk profiles, featuring specific liquidity timelines and targeted returns. This approach ensures that every participant in the private finance ecosystem experiences unparalleled service and outcomes.

Trailblazing technology
Backed by investment professionals
Dedicated Support
Diverse Product Choice

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Airlend is proud to have an exeptional reputation of being ethical, transparent and trustworthy. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your client is in safe hands

Pragmatic credit policies

Unlike banks that have a cookie-cutter approach, we look at each deal based on it's own merits. Our out-of-the-box thinking and flexible approach allows us to offer the right solution to the borrower.

No hidden fees

Receive a simple and transaprent Letter of Offer, together with an indicative loan summary worksheet outlining your terms , conditions and fees. 

Dedicated BDM

Talk to real people. Private Lending Specialists who are focused on getting you what you need, sooner.

Competitive solutions

Airlend is fully aware that we are not the only Lenders in town. We are always open to negotiate terms and fees that put us ahead of our competitors.

Seamless process

Our automated loan application process from inception to settlement empowers our Brokers to settle a deal more effectively and efficiently. 

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